Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Korean BBQ Tacos

 I try to participate in Taco Tuesday as much as possible and these Sweet Korean BBQ tacos are delicious. They are perfect for any day of the week and beyond easy to make. Crock pot dinners are the way to go people!

The Meat!

What you need:
1 large red onion, thinly sliced
2.5 lbs of boneless beef chuck
Campbell's Slow Cooker Sweet Korean BBQ Sauces
Corn or Flour Tortillas

What to do:
Place cut onions on bottom of slow cooker
Place meat
Pour Korean BBQ Sauce over meat
Cook on high for 5 hours or low for 8 hours
Once beef is able to be shredded easily it is ready!
Shred with forks 
Place back in slow cooker with all juices on low while you prepare the slaw/garlic lime mayo

The Sweet Slaw!

What you need:
-1/2 cup of shredded carrots.
-2 cups of shredded green cabbage
-2 cups of purple cabbage
-2 Tbls sugar *
1/3 cup white rice vinegar*
1 Tbls salt*
pepper to taste*

* add as much or as little as your like. I like it on the sweet side so I added a little more sugar

What to do:
Mix all ingredients together 
Cover and chill in refrigerator to allow flavors to mix

The Garlic Lime Mayo!

What you need:
1/2 cup Mayo (I used the kind made w/ olive oil)
1 Tbls red onion, mined
1 large garlic clove, minced
1/2 Tbls fresh lime juice
1/4 Tsp lime zest
1/8 Tsp salt
pepper to taste

What to do:
stir all ingredients and let chill
assemble with tortilla and add some of your favorites! for us it was Sriracha, cilantro and sliced avocados! 


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dressed in Pink

As I mentioned, here, I explored Historic Leesburg, VA a few weekends ago with my good friend, Andréa from A. Viza Style and this hot pink kaftan dress was perfect for the occasion. I love that it can be dressed down with flip flops and statement necklace or spruced up with some pumps and lipstick for a night out. Whichever way you wear this bad boy, you will be comfy.  I have seen this dress is pink, black, royal blue, navy and olive and I want them all! Such a flattering fit. 

*all photos taken by A. Viza Style 

|dress: shoptiques (other colors here)| necklace:purple peridot |handbag: Loeffler Randall| shoes: jack rogers|

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Wine Kitchen- Leesburg

I met up with one of my besties, fellow blogger (A.Viza Style) and ex-college roomie, Andréa a few weekends ago in Leesburg, VA to catch up. We decided to grab lunch at The Wine Kitchen- Leesburg. Frederick is lucky enough to have a Wine Kitchen (right along Carroll Creek!) but the original WK is in historic downtown Leesburg, VA. Needless to say I was excited to eat at the Mother ship.. and to see Andréa of course!

We each grabbed a wine flight. (Andréa - The Plains of Spain and Me-Tuesday Night Reds) For food, we ordered off of a season lunch menu. I chose the Caesar crab cake sandwich which was both tasty and interesting. The sandwich was paired perfectly with a side of homemade old bay chips. Andréa ordered the grown up ham and cheese of sandwiches.... Croque-Monsieur w/ side salad.

The atmosphere of the Lessburg WK was different to me than Frederick's WK. It had a homier feeling with some pretty hip decor. I am always a sucker for Edison bulbs, exposed brick and subway tile! Not to mention great service.

Cheers to good food, great wine and catching up w/ a dear friend!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Little Red Barn

Some days.. you just need an ice cream cone.  With the heat wave that came through earlier this week, The Little Red Barn  not far from our place was the perfect ending to a hot day. The LRB is an adorable little place offering ice cream, salads, sandwiches and more located right off of Lander Rd. in downtown Jefferson. I decided to go with the cappuccino crunch, which was divine! Wade was fancy and split his (massive) one scoop into moose tracks and a caramel ribbon flavor. (good to know for next time.. their one scooper is huge!).  We ate outside enjoying the sunshine while the ice cream dripped off of the cone onto our hands. (the stickiness really takes me back!) Any who.. if you are in our neck of the woods....(for the Jefferson Carnival perhaps?) give The Little Red Barn a try! they have a nice little patio area to sit back and relax. Next visit I plan on ordering the red barn Ruben and a vanilla milkshake!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pistarro's Ristorante!

My cousin David and I try to meet up for dinner every few months. This time we were craving some pizza and decided to try Pistarro's  in Downtown Frederick, (N East St) It was a beautiful night and the place was packed.  Pistarro's has communal (great way to meet new people!) and private seating options which I thought was pretty neat.  We opted for a private table. 

The wait was short, so we grabbed some drinks from the bar. Instantly the Grapefruit Mules caught my eye. THESE THINGS ARE AMAZING YOU GUYS and so refreshing! I could have drank 10 of them! I was also naturally obsessed with the string of lights around the restaurant and the swanky lamps on the bar. 

We ordered the calamari which came with the best calabrian chili aioli (like could eat with a spoon good) and soon our pizzas fresh out of the wood fire oven arrived! I ordered the margherita pizza and added pepperoni. David chose the Maiale (tomato sauce / pepperoni / sausage / sopressata / mozzarella) and added mushrooms. Everything was tasty and the service was great! Pistarro's has an eclectic atmosphere; perfect for families, gathering with friends but also has a hint of romance for date night. 

I will be back Pistarro's! Thanks for the great time!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Map Office Inspiration

As I have mentioned before, we recently built our home and we are loving every minute of it. On a weekly basis I find myself going from room to room and day dreaming on how I want to decorate. With 4 bedrooms and no kids (yet!) one of the smaller rooms will become an office. When envisioning our home office, I see something crisp, industrial and a bit masculine.

So, when Jessica Wilkeson Design Studio on Etsy sent me one of their amazing push pin travel maps, I knew just the place to hang it.. the office! Nothing inspires me more than traveling and being able to visually see all the places we have visited.  (and all the places left to explore!) I was extremely impressed by the quality of the map; which is printed on durable canvas. The maps are completely customizable too; I added our last name and one of my favorite travel quotes. They also come in a variety of color pallets and you can choose the types of labels you want on the map. For instance if you want states/provinces (etc) listed or simply the countries. I love the vintage look of them all.

The hubs made me a wooden frame with foam backing and voila! I just love this map and cannot wait to finish decorating the office. Stay tuned!

 {push pin travel map c/o JWDesignStudios}

Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet Hoover

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that our family grew this past April by one....a  fury, adorable, male German Shepherd Mix puppy. Hoover is his name and he is just perfect. For years the Hubs has been wanting a dog of his own, in particular, a German Shepherd. We already had a dog, Cha Cha, a senior Plott Hound mix that I had adopted in college, and our landlord only allowed one, we would have to wait until we had a place of our own.  Fast forward to earlier this year, we are in our own home and Wade was back into the German Shepherd talk. Being a huge advocate for adoption but also wanting a puppy, we stalked various local rescues. One day the Mid Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue posted that they had a young GSD, named Frenchy, who had just given birth to 10 (yes 10!) GSD mix puppies. 9 male and 1 female. They were born on George Washington's birthday so they were all named after US Presidents. Hoover pounded his food and was the biggest of the  bunch so naturally, Hoover was the perfect Presidential name for him and Hoover he shall remain! We just love him to death and he is the perfect addition to our family. He loves playing outside, napping, annoying his sister and chewing on his antler to help make his ears stand up more! (look at that ear progress!) He extremely loathes the vacuum and baths. We now have had him for about 3 months (he will be 5 months old this week sniff sniff) and I cannot believe how big he has gotten...30+ pounds! He is going to be a big boy! Check out a bunch of pictures thus far of the little bud!