Friday, April 24, 2015

Nikki's Beautiful Bridal Shower

One of my besties, {and sorority big sister} Nikki, is getting married at the end of May and our girls' weekend was a perfect way to celebrate. We started off the weekend in Wine Country, VA (Charlottesville, VA) and ended the weekend in Roanoke, VA for her Bridal Shower. Mallory's Mom, Teresa, hosted the event. She planned everything wonderfully from the delicious food, beautiful shabby chic decor, to some entertaining tips and tricks that I will definitely be using for my next shindigs!

Guests were greeted with mimosas, made by the bride's Father; who was dressed to the nines. We all mingled until the bride arrived, looking beautiful as usual! Before we ate, we played a little giveaway game. Each place setting (which was beautifully decorated with burlap, family china and colorful linen napkins) had a envelope filled with a handsome, famous man's face. Whoever got the Grooms face won! Mandi created DIY manicure sets in mason jars for prizes for the winner of all the games. So adorable.

For brunch we had an interactive task; make your own omelets! But how do you do this without making a mess/taking up a lot of time with having a large group? Well take a Ziploc baggy and stuff it in a mug with the opening draped over the lips of the mug, add whisked egg + toppings and seal up! (make sure you write your name on it) then place baggy in a pot of boiling water for about 5-10 minutes and voila! Your omelet is ready and delicious with very little cleanup.

While everyone waited to make their omeltes, food was brought over to each table. I thought this was a wonderful idea. No lines or traffic jams or trying to juggle your plates to the buffet table! Such an easy idea and a quick way to feed your guests.

Some other food on the menu, in addition to the omelets, were fresh berries with a fruit flavored balsamic vinegar, baked brie, "monkey bread", assorted cakes, fresh grapes and of course my favorite; Gouda shrimp and grits!

After brunch we all gathered around to watch Nikki open up her gifts. I loved the large wooden monogram and all the fun Turkish beach towels. One of the most sentimental gifts was an embroidered picture from her late Grandmother, with a special handwritten notes on the back from before she passed. It was perfect and had the room in tears.

The afternoon ended with us all writing a memory we had with Nikki (but not too descriptive) and the Bride had to guess which guest had said it. Nikki has a pretty good memory, so she guessed basically all of them!

Thank you very much to Teresa (and Truman + Mal + Mandi!), and everyone else who made Nikki's shower a hit. It was truly special and a perfect way to celebrate Nikki. Check out some more pictures of the shower below!


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Showering Baby Boy Glass

My neighbors, Tricia and Tom are having a baby boy in May and their friends threw them the most wonderful Baby Shower a few weekends ago. Tom's job was to get Tricia out of the house for the day, while her friends came over and did party prep.  I was so impressed with the decorations, which were bonafide rain/shower themed! I just loved the umbrella with rain drops and a watering can hanging from the ceiling with rain boots below.  Fellow party planners, these are some great decoration ideas!

While we waited for the soon to be parents to arrive we all wrote fun messages on a diapers to help keep things interesting for Tom and Tricia while changing diapers! (My message read- "I hope this isn't a stinky one!") Loved it!

The parents-to-be arrived and the real fun began. We played a word scrabble game and opened up presents.  Baby Glass received some adorable things (my favorites being a mint mustache onesie and an AMAZING pirate ship rocking chair with hidden compartments.) Throughout the duration of the party, we played the clothes pin game where you are not allowed to say the word "Baby." If someone catches you, they take your clothes pin. Whoever has the most clothes pins at the end wins a prize! Guess what the prize was.. TEQUILA! Now that's a good prize!

The snacks were perfect; your average fruit bowl turned into a baby in a stroller. (still do not know how people do it!) They even had make your own burritos! What a fun idea!

The afternoon was full of happiness and you could feel the love for Baby Boy Glass in the air! Cannot wait to meet him!